8 Best Ways You Can Make Money Posting Ads in 2020

Here are 8 of the best and easy ways you can make money posting ads online and offline. Get started earning some extra cash TODAY with these legit opportunities.

Are you aware that you can make some good income by just posting ads? This goes without saying that many companies do pay people to advertise for them online. 


However, some of these work at home ads posting jobs are not real. This leads many people into confusion if this stuff works or how legitimate is the whole process. 


In this article, I’ll show you the best ways you can make money posting ads, both online and offline. I’ll also point out ways to spot and avoid scams.


Ready… let’s get started.

Make Money Posting Ads Online

1. Post Ads to Social Media

make money posting ads
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Do you have a social media following? If so, you can turn those followers into dollars as a social media influencer. 


Millions of consumers turn to social media influencers for advice and recommendations on purchasing decisions and companies are paying attention. Data shows that 86% of companies use influencer marketing and plan to increase their influencer marketing budgets.


So how does it work? 


Ok, social media influencer marketing is when the company pays you to share information about a company’s product or service with your audience. Some organizations will pay you to access your audience. Other companies will pay you to direct your audience to their site or product. 


Posting ads on social media will be ideal if you have a large following. But you don’t have to be a big celebrity. Demand for smaller influencers (between 1,000 – 5,000 followers) are increasing amongst companies. So, just about anyone can get in on this growing trend.  


But what social media platform should you use?

Post ads on Facebook

With over 2 billion active monthly users, Facebook is one of the most popular social media platforms in the world. Posting on Facebook is one genuine way to make money by posting ads.


All you need to do is to set a business page on your Facebook account and share links about a product or service to your followers.


You can also run an advertising campaign on your Facebook feed if you have a lot of followers. Some organizations will contact you to post sponsored feed. Or you can use a company like Upfluence and they can help supercharge your social media influencer earning potential.



Place ads on Instagram.


An influencer is the most popular place for influencer marketing. However, it’s unique in that the platform does not allow you to post links to another page from your post.


But there’s a workaround:


Companies can provide you a unique discount code as an incentive for your audience. The use of that discount code can be used to track sales from your Instagram post. But first, you need to get connected to companies looking for influencers.




Grapevine is an influencer marketing platform and they can connect you to advertisers who are willing to get their content published on your account. You are required to have a PayPal account or any other preferred mode of payment to receive payment.


Put ads on Twitter.


Advertising on twitter is a genuine way to generate income by posting ads. If you have a popular account, you can benefit from your popularity and get paid for posting ads. 


You can establish your twitter profile and use your popularity to generate income by publishing a post about the service and products of different companies.


Companies like SocialBakers is another influencer platform that can help you connect with companies for sponsored tweets on your Twitter account. Once you publish the sponsored tweet on your account, you will get paid for it.


2. Start a blog


When you create your blog as a content creator and marketer, there is serious money that can be made from placing ads on your blog. 


When starting your blog, pick a suitable niche and then create optimized content to post on your blog. When you get more tariffs on your blog, the more you can start to earn through various programs that can pay you to show their ads on your blog. 


There are a couple of ways to generate money with paid ads on your blog:


Earn at least $25 with each Sponsored Post


Many organizations will contact you to publish a sponsored post for them when you have a good and quality website or blog. Sponsored ads mostly talk about particular products or services in detail and may include personal recommendations, photos, and opinions. 


Companies will look at the type of audience and the number of people they could reach if they advertise on your blog. The main aim is to reach as many prospects as possible.


When publishing sponsored posts on your website or blog, keep in mind the laws requiring you to disclose that the post is sponsored. 


Generate Passive Income with Paid Advertising


This is all about selling ad space on your blog. The advertiser will agree to pay you a certain amount up front or per month to place their ad at a certain location on your blog. 


New blogs normally start off with Google Adsense. Once you generate more traffic to your blog, you can request to join Mediavine for more ad revenue.


3. Master Affiliate Marketing and Make $200/Day Posting Ads


Affiliate marketing is simply when an online advertiser pays you a commission for traffic or sales generated from your referrals. Affiliate marketing works in three simple steps:


  1. You recommend a service or product to your followers
  2. Followers purchase the product or service using your referral link 
  3. Get paid a commission for the sales made using your link

You can use affiliate links in your blog posts or when answering questions on forums. To succeed in this strategy, follow these tips:


  • Find your niche. Choosing your niche will give you focus and help generate good content. By doing this, it will also make it easier to generate targeted marketing campaigns. Since choosing a niche is hard for many, start with what you are passionate about. 
  • Create quality content. Once you establish your niche, create at least five strong posts for your site. Some networks will require you to have already established content, monthly views, and site traffic before they accept you as an affiliate.
  • Join an affiliate network. These are essentially an online marketplace where companies list their product for affiliates to promote. These networks work as the middlemen between the organization and the affiliate. As the affiliate, you should never make any payment to sign up for an affiliate marketing network. Notable affiliate networks include
  • Choose affiliate products to promote. When you are done with choosing an affiliate network, choosing affiliate products to promote is an easy task. You only need to choose products or services that fit your niche and relate to your content. When choosing an affiliate product, stick with products you already use, products that fill your audience’s need, or products your audience wants to know about.
  • Track your results. After you’re setup and promoting products, it’s time to track the performance of your affiliate product. Tracking your affiliate will help you understand which product performs better and also help you provide your audience with better products in the future.


4. Get Paid to Create and Manage Ads as a Freelancer.


Freelancing is a common way to generate income online. This is because it doesn’t necessarily need any upfront investment on time and money. Once you become a freelancer, all you will need is a way to invoice and collect payment from your customers.


Create ads as a Social Media Manager


Many people are generating income by creating advertisements as a social media consultant for businesses and blogs. 


As a social media manager, you won’t just be creating ads. Your clients may require you to plan paid social media techniques and ensure brand consistency as well as maintain existing social networks.


There are plenty of companies and organizations looking for Social Media Managers on Upwork. Its one of the largest freelance networks.


Manage Ads as a Pay-Per-Click Specialist


Having skills in creating a successful ad campaign within a search engine is a worthwhile skill to have. If so, many organizations will be looking to hire you. 


Anyone can post a few ads and lead people to the sales page, but making a profit out of this is another story. Although it’s tough, it is possible so businesses will pay you to do this for them.


When you find good clients to work with, you can sell your PPC service as a freelancer on FreeUp. The best thing about PPC freelancing is that it can lead to passive income once you have a profitable campaign running. It is relatively easy to scale up profitable campaigns. The idea is just to increase your ad budget and focus on huge passive income potential.


Post Ads as a Virtual Assistant


A virtual assistant (VA)is a person who provides several services to entrepreneurs or businesses from a remote location. VAs are highly-skilled freelancing professionals who can help with all kinds of business and personnel needs.


As a VA, companies can pay you to create content for their website or have you help coordinate ads. However, VAs are paid to do a number of different tasks and not just post ads. If this sounds interesting, VA Networking can get you started working as a VA today.


Make Money Posting Ads Offline


5. Advertise on your car


Turn your car into a mobile billboard and get paid to drive your car. 


You may have seen cars with Monster or Red Bull ads all over them. Well, this is called car wrapping and anyone can get in. The drivers get paid and the companies get brand awareness.


So, how do you get started?


  1. Signup. The first step is to sign up with CarVertise or Wrapify and set up your profile.  
  2. Receive offers. Once your profile is set up, wait for companies to send you an offer.
  3. Get wrapped. After you get your offer, you schedule your wrap.
  4. Earn while you drive. Once your wrapped, drive your car and get paid

When you drive your car to places where many people are likely to see it, you will earn more. This is called Carvertising and lands people huge sums when done right. 


But how much could you earn?


Anywhere from $170 to $450 per month. The amount you are paid depends on how much wrap you have on your car. 


You can also get paid per advertising campaign, where you can make $300 – $1,200 per campaign.


Car wrapping is a very easy way to make extra money posting ads on your car. All you are doing is driving for money. Now, don’t expect to get rich doing it, but it’s not a bad way to earn a few hundred dollars a month.


6. Get Paid as a Sponsored Runner


The most popular and practiced sports in the world is running. Between 50-60 million people participate in running, jogging, and trail running activities and sports each year. If you are one of them, consider being sponsored and getting paid for your running activities.


You’re probably thinking, “I’m not an athlete, no one will sponsor me”. Well, you’re wrong.


Here’s why:


Mina Guli is not an athlete but she is sponsored by Reebok, which gives her gear and money for running. She is part of a growing trend of average people landing big brand sponsorships. 


Another average runner with big brand sponsorship is Mirna Valerio. You can catch Mirna on Instagram with sponsored gear from multiple brands in her photos. 


Although those sponsored won’t disclose how much they make, due to non-disclosure agreements, Mirna was able to quit her job and be a sponsored runner full time.   


Becoming sponsored is not the reason why most people get into running. However, it is a great way to turn your passion from being a hobby into a real business. 


7. Earn Money from Your Phone’s Lock screen


Did you know you can make money by just unlocking your phone? It’s called lock screen advertising and it’s another way to earn money through ads.


How does it work?



Well, whenever you swipe to open your phone, you will be presented with a promo or news card. If you swipe right it will take you to your home screen. Swipe left to get more information on the news or advertising.



Want to try it for yourself?



There are lock screen apps you can download that will transform your phone into an advertising platform. Some apps may require you to view ads when you unlock your phone, but the tradeoff is the extra money you’ll receive. 


Here are some of the more popular lock screen apps:



Technology has come a long way to provide people the opportunity to earn money doing these they already do each day. Your surely not going to get rich doing this but could provide you extra spending cash.


8. Get Paid with Tattoo Advertising



This is one of the extreme ways of making money, but people still do it. If you love tattoos, you can lease your body to act as a billboard and place ads on your body. 


These tattoos can either be temporary or permanent. 


This usually goes with the agreement you make with the company. The tattoo might last for a few days or longer. 



This falls on the weird ways of making money with ads. 


So instead of permanently marking up your body to earn some extra money, you can get sit on your butt and get paid to play video games


Or you can start your own business. Might be a bit more work but I’m sure it pays better.


How to Avoid Make Money Posting Ads Scams


Now that we have looked at legit ways to generate income let’s point out what is not legit. The main two traps to give you some insight on include:



  • Scam affiliate promotions. You will find that people may post on social sites the chance to work as an affiliate. When clients join the organization using their referral link, they get paid. It’s a multilevel marketing scam. It is more about recruiting than selling products and services. Be aware of the conman.
  • Upfront fees. Any opportunity that says you need to first pay money to join, just run the other way. No reputable site will need you to pay anything to get started. Bottom line: NEVER PAY TO GET A JOB.
  • Too good to be true. If it sounds too good to be true, then it probably is. Keep in mind that these opportunities will not make you rich overnight. So any offer that gives you the impression you could possibly quit your doing this is probably a scam.





As you have seen from reading this article, there are many genuine ways of making money by posting ads. Some can pay good money, while others are good for some extra pocket cash. 


Hopefully, with this guide you can make some moves while avoiding the scammers in the process.