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Gallup did a study that revealed 85% of people are unhappy with their jobs. If you hate your job, then you’ll love this article.


Because I’m going to show you 34 of the most fun jobs that seem way too good to be true. In fact, many of these jobs require no college degree or experience.

So whether you’re tired of your boring job, looking for a career change, or just starting off in the job market, you’ll love this list of fun jobs.

Let’s get started. 

Fun Jobs That Pay Well

1. Cannabis Master Extractor

Annual Pay: $80 – $250K

Required Education: Bachelors in Engineering or Biochemistry

A Cannabis Master Extractor is currently among the highest paying jobs in the cannabis industry – Engineers and biochemists take note. If you have any interest in a fun, high paying gig for the marijuana industry, then Cannabis Master Extractor job is up for grabs.

Master Extractors have the opportunity to start out with this fun career because of their love for the cannabis plant. However, the responsibilities surrounding this job can also make it challenging for anyone looking for a legitimate career.

Even though this job can be a lot of fun, job hunters should know that it requires the precision of cannabis extracts and adherence to safety standards. To keep products in their best shape, Master Extractors will be responsible for:

●  Abiding by regulations provided by the government

●  Production management for marijuana plants

●  CBD/THC extraction

●  Keeping up to date and proper documentation

●  Laboratory management

●  Keeping in contact with state inspectors

Interested in going into this field? Well, degrees in botany, chemistry, or pharmacology are the next generation of master growers and lab directors.

2. Videogame Designer

Annual Pay: $65K – $75K

Required Education: Bachelors in Computer Science or Game Design

Your expertise could be used to design games for a living if you’re already a pro at video games. First, get your degree in Game Design, Game Development, or Computer Science. Then, with a little passion, you could pursue what you’ve loved since you were a teenager.

Video games belong to a billion-dollar industry, and it has shown no signs of slowing down. In the US alone, there are more than 164 million Americans who love video games. As a Videogame Designer, you will already belong to your target audience.

To materialize your ideas, you will need technical expertise in computer programming or art. For this reason, an excellent place to start will be a school that teaches Visual Effects and Digital Animation. Most modern art colleges now offer courses that help avid gamers become Video Game Designers.

3. Disney Imagineer

Annual Pay: $30K – $130K

Required Education: Bachelors in Software Engineering and some Physics Coursework

An Imagineer is an engineer with an imagination, get it? Simply put, Disney Imagineers are the young individuals who turn their infantile dreams into a moderately-priced reality for Disney amusement parks all over the world.

Since you’re going to be designing everything from creative bathroom installations to breath-taking rides, this job requires a mind that was raised on Disney. Still, you can test your skills to check whether you have what it takes by applying via Disney’s annual competition called Imaginations.

4. Roller Coaster Engineer

Annual Pay: $90K – $100K

Required Education: Bachelors in Mechanical, Structural, and Electrical Engineering

Roller Coaster Engineers are an integral part of the teams that design and construct thrill rides for amusement parks. When these roller coasters are being developed, engineers will try their best to make them exciting for thrill-seekers.

The educational requirements for this career path are primarily focused on making sure that rides are safe. For this reason, these engineers also get to test these rides to make sure their speeds and weights are set correctly. Additionally, aspiring engineers will typically require a license, but these requirements vary by state.

Fun Jobs That Pay Well Without a Degree

5. Stunt Person

Annual pay: $50K – $70K

Required Education: None required (Stunt School recommended)

We’ve all wondered how those actors manage to pull off incredible tumbling sequences, death-defying jumps, and wild car chases without so much as disheveling a strand of hair. Well, they’re often replaced by a dedicated Stunt Person. These professional daredevils are often the product of years of extensive training.

It’s in the Stunt Person’s job description to not only perform dangerous stunts on the director’s call but also to be storytellers. The performance carried out by Stunt Persons is appreciated by filmgoers just as much as other genre-defining characteristics of the movie.

Stunt Persons need to use their network to find vacancies, just like any other career. However, job boards like Staff Me Up, MediaMatch, ProductionHUB, Mandy, and Backstage are known to post regular openings for these roles.

6. Bounty Hunter

Annual Pay: $60K – $70K

Required Education: None required (Bachelors in Criminal Justice recommended)

The most recognized bounty hunter is Dog the Bounty Hunter. Here’s a guy with no more than high school education, making thousands of dollars for each person he snags up. On top of that, he gets to live in Hawaii while he does it.

Bounty Hunters are hired as fugitive recovery agents, which are usually adopted by the bail bonds industry. Do you enjoy detective novels or have a keen sense of adventure? Then you could sign up to apprehend criminal fugitives who failed to appear in court after bail.

Even though the majority of people who call themselves Bounty Hunters are formally-trained and licensed professionals, anyone interested in testing this career out doesn’t require formal education. You can also choose between working as a full-time bounty hunter or working on a freelance basis when you need the money.

7. Water Slide Tester

Annual Pay: $30K – $40K

Required Education: None required

Yes, this is an actual job, and it even pays a salary that would make most entry-level professionals jealous. All you need is a healthy physique to get on the water slide. For this reason, you need to do regular exercise and maintain proper diet and nutrition.

Water Slide Testers are responsible for 2 fun factors for every slide they test – adrenaline and biggest splash. Experienced Water Slide Testers will evaluate each slide based on those two factors and actually have fun while they do it.

Water Slide Testers don’t require any formal degree of education. They only need to be 18 or above to apply for vacancies. However, applicants may need to request a keen sense of observation, a calm and stable mind, and a daring personality to test all types of slides.

8. Audio Engineer

Annual Pay: $60K – $70K

Required Education: None required (vocational school or Associates degree recommended)

Audio Engineers have the responsibility of recording and mixing sounds for live performances, radio, television, or movies. Depending on the projects they are employed for, Audio Engineers may be hired on a freelance basis.

Film and television Audio Engineers will often have to work long and irregular hours to follow tight and hectic shooting schedules and deadlines.

Audio Engineers should have a passion for this career. The reason is that many employers will hire those who hone their skills as part of school or community college products. You don’t need a degree to be an Audio engineer. However, according to the Audio Engineering Society, several dedicated institutions offer majors in broadcast technology, audio technology, and music engineering.

 Fun Jobs That Will Make You Rich

9. Hedge Fund Trader

Annual pay: $80K +

Required Education: Bachelors in Business, Economics, Accounting or Finance

Hedge Fund Traders are trade executors. They have one job – to execute trade requirements based on the direction of the portfolio manager. One of the most famous movies on trading is Wolf of Wall Street. The wild and fast-past lifestyle of a stock market trader is fun, exciting, and lucrative.

But movies often exaggerate realities. If you’re hired as a Hedge Fund Trader, you will be responsible for conducting trade and advising companies stock selections.

Even though this career path may look a bit different from the movie, it’s still fun to be in the fast-moving world of stocks. The skills you gain can help you in your personal investing. You can use your knowledge to grow your own portfolio of stocks and make a killing doing it.

10. Real Estate Developer

Annual pay: $80K +

Required Education: Bachelors in Business, Marketing, Finance, or Urban Planning

Real Estate Developers are responsible for one of the most challenging subcategories of real estate – land development. Simply put, these professionals earn money by purchasing large pieces of land. The land is then transformed into shopping malls, industrial complexes, residential communities, or other commercial structures.

This particular career choice can be fun for people who already possess the ability to recognize potential in properties. By possessing this sense, these professionals can select the perfect sites for prospective development. However, to get started, Real Estate Developers need enough ‘seed’ money to purchase premium-priced lands.

Typically, Real Estate Developers gain relevant experience by first becoming brokers, leasing agents, or salespeople in the same field. Once they have enough technical knowledge, they can use their strong communication and entrepreneurial skills to sell their creative ideas.

11. Software Developer

Annual Pay: $100K – $110K

Required Education: Bachelors in Software Engineering or Computer Science

With the rise of technology and every business adapting to digital strategies, Software Developers have become a very important career. These professionals apply scientific and mathematical principles to develop and design software applications and systems.

This is another career choice that is fun for those who understand it and enjoy applying their knowledge of linear algebra, differential equations, calculus, and minor physics sequences. Typically, requirements of Software Development careers require undergraduate or graduate-level education in addition to certifications.

To better understand which part of the industry, you would enjoy the most in this career, take part in an internship with a software development company. To get you started, check out the top 100 internship programs.

Fun Jobs For 20 Year-Olds

12. Professional Cuddler

Annual Pay: $40K + (excluding tips)

Required Education: None required (Safety training recommended)

Professional Cuddlers can work as both freelance workers or get hired through agencies that earn a commission by connecting them to clients. Either way, it’s the cuddler’s job to provide a safe space to their clients by accepting them, respecting them, and cuddling with them.

Platonic cuddling sessions require no training, and cuddling is a skill that is possessed naturally by most human beings. Most people find it comforting to cuddle or be cuddled by someone. However, since these services are conducted based on following consent, clear rules, and being fully-clothed, the only thing this career requires is to have a lovable personality.

Freelancing professional Cuddlers might have their own set of rules for cuddling. However, platforms like Cuddlist have their own training programs to train applicants for possible challenges.

13. Cannabis Edibles Chef

Annual pay: $50K – $60K

Required Education: Post-secondary education in culinary arts

Cannabis Edibles Chefs are just like ordinary chefs who specialize in food and drink cuisines that are infused with THC. It’s still rare to find professionals who claim to belong to this emerging field.

Still, the ones who do belong to this career path, absolutely love their job. The most fun being an Edibles Chef is experimenting with creative ways to use marijuana-infused oils and butter in foods.

Edible Chefs still require a degree of creativity like traditional chefs. However, Edibles Chefs will also need to abide by general food safety in addition to cannabis industry safety requirements. For instance, some states require these chefs to clearly package and label their creations based on accurate potencies. 

14. Online Dating Ghostwriter

Annual Pay: $40K – $50K

Required Education: None required

Online Dating Ghostwriters are hired for many different purposes. However, they mostly offer their services as freelancers or through content creation agencies. If you think you’ll enjoy tailoring dating profiles to attract like-minded people, why not earn top dollar for it? You might also find this fun if you’re skilled at breaking the ice and quickly impressing people with your words.

These Ghostwriters are a subcategory, or niche, within freelance writer who specializes in dating apps and websites. Online Date Ghostwriters will spark up your Tinder or profile for an hourly wage according to your instructions or their creative instincts.

Some experienced writers also charge up to $150/hour due to their success ratio. Sadly, the only way to reach these premium levels of compensation is by getting high ratings. So, you’ll have to start small and work your way up to get glowing testimonials from satisfied clients.

15. Concert Promoter

Annual Pay: $60K – $100K

Required Education: Bachelors in Business or Marketing

Concert Promoters are hired by musicians or venues to attract attention and produce successful shows. Concert Promoters usually help venues reach the right target audiences by networking with radio stations, tv broadcast, and fans on social media.

Concert Promoters are very similar to business managers or agents for artists. The only difference is these roles are focused on working out the business side of the entertainment industry. This is how professionals can build their careers around their favorite genre of music.

Since their job description requires advertising artists and venues, Concert Promoters need practical marketing skills or experience. Additionally, these professionals also require management skills to handle most aspects of the venue. The most common being communication between band members and singers.

Fun Jobs For College Students

16. Netflix Tagger

Annual Pay: $40K – $50K

Required Education: Bachelors in Media or Film/Television

People often dream of getting paid to lay around all day and watch television. Well, Netflix Taggers are basically professional binge-watchers. These lucky professionals have the responsibility of watching movies, shows, and other specials all day long.

But it’s not for their enjoyment. Their purpose is to list each show or movie they watch under the correct category and subcategory. By doing so, Netflix can provide better search results or suggestions to users.

Netflix’s job posting does require Netflix Taggers to have 4 years of education in film or media-related courses. In addition to the right education, relevant experience in the industry is also desired.

However, practically any avid TV fanatic can have a go at this career path. All you need to do is familiarize yourself with the application’s algorithm and the potential emotional facets of genre categories. If you can do that, you’ll be good to go.

17. Online Tutor

Annual Pay: $40K +

Required education: high school diploma (Bachelors preferred)

Online Tutors are responsible for guiding students that belong to diverse levels of education and disciplines. Based on the level of education you plan on targeting, the minimum requirements for education may vary.

Getting a teaching license isn’t all that difficult either since some platforms such as Chegg offer internships and teaching certifications to new and existing applicants.

Online Tutoring can be a fun and easy way of earning money. All you need is a working PC/laptop and the relevant knowledge to teach potential students. However, to progress in this career, each online teaching platform offers ratings and testimonials for tutors. You should aim to offer your best to receive the best feedback.

18. Bartending

Annual Pay: $45K +

Required Education: None required

Bartending is one of the oldest and most fun careers in the food and beverage industry. You get to serve alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages at nightclubs, bars, restaurants, and other venues.

Although there is no formal education requirement for this career choice. However, Bartenders are expected to have good physical stamina and memory to whip up drinks according to orders. Additionally, good listening skills and some on-the-job training may be required.

Become a mixologist by learning from some of the best bartending schools.

19. Mystery Shopper

Annual Pay: $40K – $50K

Required Education: None required

Mystery Shoppers pose as regular customers that report on the quality of customer service, products, or environment for the stores they are assigned to. Sometimes referred to as personal shoppers or secret shoppers, your job is to shop.

If you’re a shopaholic, you’ll probably have the most fun doing what you love. Still, you also have the responsibility to remain discreet as a customer. This means you will purchase specific or random items while communicating with employees. Your engagement can be either in-person or over the phone to spot areas for improvement.

Mystery Shoppers are usually employed as part-time employees, but employment opportunities may vary. However, in either case, all you need is a desire to shop, attention to detail, and analytical skills.

Some great opportunities include Secret Shopper and Market Force.

Fun Jobs for Teens

20. Lifeguard

Annual pay: $20K -$30K

Required Education: None required

People dream of sitting on the beach all day. As a Lifeguard, you get paid for it. Even though rescuing a drowning person is far from fun, it can be rewarding knowing you saved a life. And, it’s easy money for a teen to sit on the beach and keep watch.

Sure, being a Lifeguard is fun, but you need to be prepared, both physically and mentally. For instance, lifeguards at sea should also have experience swimming against strong currents. Or know how to deal with poisonous sea predators.

Apart from this, your daily routine might as well include observing swimmers and sipping on some cold lemonade under a beach umbrella.

21. Camp Counselor

Annual Pay: $30K – $50K

Required Education: Minimum high school diploma

Camp Counselors are hired by summer camps to primarily supervise campers during activities. However, most employers also require applicants to work as mentors, leaders, and role models for camp attendees.

If camping and outdoor activities are something you like to do, you’ll have the most fun helping young campers throughout the day. Since summer camp is usually attended by children between 7 and 16 years old, Camp Counselors are typically older teenagers or college students.

There are no formal education requirements. However, most employers require applicants to have a high school diploma and strong interpersonal, problem-solving, and teamwork skills.

22. Valet Parking Attendant

Annual Pay: $17K – $28K

Required Education: None required

Valet Parking Attendants are responsible for parking and retrieving cars for visitors or guests at restaurants, hotels or other businesses. In either case, they are required to greet guests at the curb and save customers from the hassle of parking safely or retrieving vehicles from a distance.

As a teen, you get to drive different types of cars. There aren’t that many jobs where you can drive sports cars or luxury vehicles regularly. Also, this can be a straightforward job concerning how much it pays out.

23. Video Game Tester

Annual Pay: $40K – $60K

Required Education: None required

Do you consider yourself an above-average gamer but have no interest in developing games? Well, how about you settle for a quality assurance tester for video games? Gamers have heard about this glorious profession and dream about getting paid to find glitches and bugs in games way before they are released for the public.

Video Game Testers play such a vital role in the development of games. You will feel as involved as Game Developers and will enjoy every project they work on. Often, video game developers will hire Video Game Testers out of high school as a part-time job or an internship.

Fun Jobs for Retirees

24. Cruise Ship Entertainer

Annual pay: $50K +

Required Education: None required

Have you ever dreamed of traveling the world as a singer or an entertainer? You don’t have to achieve celebrity status to fulfill your dreams. All you need to do is get hired as a Cruise Ship Entertainer. A cruise ship maybe your best option to perform under the spotlight if you have a talent for dancing, music, singing, or even juggling.

Typically, if your employers are impressed with your skills, you can be recruited to headline a big show, which may just as well be the highlight of the entire cruise. Cruise Ship Entertainers may not require any formal education or training. However, they will need relevant experience to be able to team up with producers, choreographers, lighting technicians, and costume designers.

25. Tour Guide

Annual pay: $30K to $40K

Required Education: Minimum high school diploma required

Tour Guides lead groups of visitors to tourist attractions. These trips are usually planned as day visits but often also require longer commitments. Either way, it is the tour guide’s responsibility to help make the most of the visitors’ experiences by providing them with relevant information and helpful insights.

Tour Guides can work for both indoor and outdoor attractions. These attractions can include beautiful or culturally significant spots, museums, or even historical monuments. Since Tour Guides are expected to communicate with visitors, the requirements may vary based on each situation.

For instance, international visitors may require translating and interpreting to understand what is expected of your services. Commonly, however, Tour Guides should have strong research skills, be able to research and conduct tours, and show mastery in organizing and/or leading excursions.

26. National Park Ranger

Annual Pay: $30K – $45K

Required Education: Bachelors (Environmental and Tourism Management preferred)

National Park Rangers are often recruited by state or federal governments. Their job is to protect and care for forests, woodlands, and conservatories. This career path is considered to be fun and easy-going. A day in the average National Park Ranger’s life includes walking trails, visiting campgrounds, and various other park areas. That sounds like some people’s weekend.

Depending on the state, National Park Rangers are also expected to answer questions of park visitors or provide guided tours. However, these professionals require adequate training before working in the field. An essential part of a Ranger’s job includes search and rescue missions with the considerable risk involved.

27. Antiques Appraiser

Annual pay: $40K to $60K

Required Education: Bachelors in Fine Arts or Art History

Antiques Appraisers are hired to examine antiques, jewelry, and other works of art or estates to determine their authenticity and approximate their value. For this reason, this particular career requires relevant education or knowledge of the articles and a good understanding of the current market trends and values.

Antiques Appraisers can be a fun career prospect for people who embrace their artistic side and enjoy studying the characteristics of art values. Using this information, these professionals are often also responsible for identifying artists or the period in which these works of art were designed.

A degree in Art History or Fine Arts or even some experience in the field is a necessity. Appraisers need that education and experience for when they come across forged works of art. When this happens, Appraisers will have to use sophisticated technologies and techniques to examine and analyze the collection to deliver a final judgment.

Most Fun Jobs in Tech

28. Robotics Engineer

Annual Pay: $65K – $90K

Required Education: Bachelors in Engineering, Electronics, Computers and Design

Robotic Engineers are hired to work in the flexible automation and science division of robotics. Basically, these engineers are responsible for designing, building, and testing robots. These engineers have to follow safe and productive operations while being economical enough to buy and maintain.

Mechanical engineers absolutely love designing and redesigning robots. Therefore, all related fields would like to earn a handsome salary putting their expertise or hobby to use. Robotics Engineers will use CAD, CAM, and drafting systems to streamline and perform their day-to-day tasks.

Sounds complicated, huh? That’s why to get started, you should begin by learning how to code. A great resource to start would be Code Academy.

29. Ethical Hacker

Annual Pay: $80K – $111K

Required Education: Bachelors in Computer Technology or relevant fields

Ethical Hackers are computer professionals who have received specialized training to help law enforcement and government agencies test computer systems. This profession got its name since hackers were hired to attempt to gain unauthorized access to secure systems for money.

Their hacking skills are, therefore, utilized to mark-up firewalls and data protection systems accordingly.

Ethical Hackers can have a lot of fun in this profession because they do what they are best at to earn top dollar. Some of the biggest IT companies in the world also hire Ethical Hackers. Companies use them to determine which parts of their system are vulnerable to attacks and for recommendations on security upgrades.

30. Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning Engineer

Annual Pay: $100K +

Required Education: Bachelors in Engineering, Robotics, Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning Engineers help produce operating software that can drive robots or artificial intelligence programs or applications. These professionals work closely with robotics and electrical engineers to produce systems with perfect compatibility. This compatibility refers to the capability of software changing and adapting to new data.

There is no doubt that this is one of the most cutting edge careers in today’s world. On top of that, this field can be gratifying. These Engineers probably have the most fun creating and testing military weapons, facial recognition software, and even video games!

31. Nuclear Medicine Technologist

Annual pay: $80K +

Required Education: Bachelors in Nuclear Medicine Technology

Nuclear Medicine Technologists is yet another cutting edge career where applicants will be required to perform tests on and diagnose patients based on their unique ailments.

What’s fun and interesting about this career is that some professionals also give their patients micro-doses of radioactive materials. These professionals do this to analyze the effect on body parts and specific organs.

This career choice does require bachelors or associate degrees in nuclear medicine technology. However, interested candidates can also choose to take courses in radiochemistry, lab procedures, nuclear physics, and anatomy.

Fun Jobs in Business

32. Social Media Strategist

Annual pay: $52K – $70K

Required Education: Bachelor’s in Digital Marketing, Marketing, Business

Primarily, Social Media Strategists work with the marketing department in medium- to large-sized businesses. These managers plan, design, and implement social media strategies on platforms such as Twitter, Google+, Instagram, and Facebook. Using these strategies, Social Media Strategists attract new customers and retain existing ones.

If being social is your thing, then you’ll enjoy engaging with different people on social media. Additionally, full-time positions usually require social media experience, but bloggers and content creators are often regarded as highly experienced for this job.

33. Real Estate Agent

Annual pay: $50K +

Required Education: Bachelors (preferably in Real Estate or related disciplines)

Reality TV has made Real Estate Agents look fun and exciting, with shows Million Dollar Listing and Flip or Flop. The lucrative and exciting life of multi-million dollar real estate forces you to network with some of the world’s wealthiest people. One day you’re networking at a party hosted in a $50 million mansion. The next day you’re discussing listing strategies with your client on his private jet.

If you think that sales are your strongest forte, then pursuing this particular career could guarantee exciting returns. Real Estate Agents work off commission. The more sales you make, the more they can earn. As you become more experienced, you could progress to becoming a Real Estate Developer.

34. Travel Writer

Annual Pay: $60K – $70K

Required Education: Bachelors in Communication, Journalism, Photojournalism

Love sightseeing, visiting hotspots, or diverse sampling foods? Well, who doesn’t, right? It’s called a vacation.

But if you have creative writing and photography skills, you could earn top dollar by becoming a Travel Writer. These professionals either work as freelancers or are hired by companies. These writers seek out interesting places that could spark the interest of their readers.

Travelling is already fun. As a Travel Writer, you’ll get to document your favorite travel memories. The best part is being able to share your first-hand experiences with well-known or lesser-known destinations. What’s even better, some companies offer competitive salaries to Travel Writers. They already have online publications or blogs because of their experience, so they are perfect for the job.

Final Thoughts on Fun Jobs

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