Best transcription jobs

Getting a transcription job is a great way to make money while working from  home. There’s a lot of different ways you can get started in the transcription field. But with so many ways, how do you know which are the best?

Lucky for you my team spent over 22 hours researching over 100 transcription companies. That’s why in this article, I’m going to show you the 15 best transcription jobs you can work for this year. In fact, these are the same jobs thousands of people have used to make hundreds of dollars in extra money each week working from home.

So, whether you want to start working from home or you’re looking to make some extra money online, you’ll love these tips, strategies, and techniques. 

Let’s get started!

Best Transcription Jobs for Beginners (No Experience Required)

1. TranscribeMe

If you have no earlier transcribing experience and are still getting used to the craft, TranscribeMe could be a good starting point for you. The platform allows you to start fresh and take easy projects in the beginning. You will be promoted automatically when your amount of delivered work increases.

The great thing about working on TranscribeMe is you don’t get hours-long audio files to transcribe. Most of your workload will consist of 2-4 minutes of audio clips. You can also choose your working hours to make it a convenient side-hustle.

How much do they pay?

You will be paid anything between $15 and $22 for transcribing a total of one hour of audio. An average transcriptionist can make around $250 every month. Meanwhile, seasoned transcriptionist with more hours of transcription can easily make north of $2,000.

You will be paid via PayPal with no lower caper on the payable amount.

How can I get started?

Transcription has kept it easy for beginners. Go to its registration page, get registered, complete a short training course, and start transcribing and making money. 

2. Rev Transcription

Rev Transcription is one of the biggest transcription portals out there. From converting audio files into text documents to furnishing subtitles of a movie, you can find all sorts of transcription jobs there. Rev transcription is equally good for both beginners and experienced transcriptionists. 

The workings hours are flexible, and it is up to you how much you want to work. You get to choose projects from a deck where they are tagged with their duration and prices. A beginner transcriptionist can easily find relatively easier projects on Rev Transcription because it always has to offer a large number of projects.

How much do they pay?

A newbie transcriptionist can easily make $10-15 per hour even if they are starting slow and transcribing a lesser amount of audio files. Advanced and experienced transcription can make up to $30 per hour. You will be paid weekly via PayPal. Rev Transcription credits all your outstanding dues of the last week in your PayPal account every Monday. 

How can I get started?

You need to take a quiz and submit a transcript to show your language skill and adherence to transcription rules by Rev. Once you clear that quiz, you can start taking on transcription tasks immediately. If you are interested in working for Rev Transcription, start from here.

3. Scribie 

Scribie could also be a great choice for people who have just forayed into the field of transcription. Like TranscibeMe, you can find shorter audio files to work on. However, the files won’t be as short as the ones you will find on TranscribeMe. 

Like many other freelancing platforms, it will not assign work to you. You have to pick it yourself on a first-come, first-serve basis. As a new contributor, you can easily find audio clips shorter than 10 minutes to work on.

How much do they pay?

The rates per audio hour on Scribie are relatively low. In starting, you will be paid $5 to transcribe an hour of audio files. However, the rates improve and get up to $30 as you gain more experience. A regular transcriptionist giving a couple of hours of their day on Scribie can make somewhere around $200-300 per month.

How can I get started?

First, you have to submit a form on its website. Once you receive an email confirmation, you will have to transcribe an audio file that will be reviewed by its experts. After passing this review test, you can start working on the platform.

Best Transcription Jobs that Pay Well ($12-$30 an hour)

4. Allegis Transcription

Allegis Transcription primarily works in the corporate domain and offers its transcription services to all sorts of businesses and organizations. The B2B working model of Allegis Transcription requires them to hire people that have exhibited good skills in turning corporate audio files into text documents. 

The challenging job of a transcriptionist at Allegis Transcription also comes with good hourly pay. You get to transcribe projects regularly without facing any shortage, ensuring a stable stream of income.

How much do they pay?

The hourly pay can greatly vary on Allegis Transcription. However, none of its transcriptionists earn in single-digit per hour. An entry-level transcriptionist can make $11-15 per hour. Meanwhile, people who have spent considerable time on the platform can earn up to $20 per hour. The company pays weekly. 

How can I get started?

Allegis Transcription doesn’t work as a freelancing website. You will need to apply for a transcription job opening there formally. Visit this link to find out what transcription positions are currently open. They will take a test and look at your past experience before confirming you for the job.

5. SpeakWrite

SpeakWrite is one of the oldest Transcription services. It has been operating for 23 years and has managed to establish its clientele in various sectors, including government entities. SpeakWrite pays well and thus only seeks experienced transcriptionist. It offers flexible working hours and lets you work from any location within the US. However, you need to promise 15 hours per week for the job.

How much do they pay?

SpeakWrite pays $0.005-0.006 per word. If you convert it into hourly pay, you can earn anything between $12 and $20 per hour. The payments are made twice a month via bank order or check. 

How can I get started?

SpeakWrite has very detailed criteria for selection. First, you need a one-year transcribing experience. Then, you have to pass a transcription test with 60 WPM speed and 90% accuracy. The company also runs a background check of the candidates before finalizing their positions. If you have worked as a transcriptionist before, visit their website and find out more about the job requirements. 

6. eScribers 

If you want to try your hands on some legal transcription, you can get registered on eScribers. This portal primarily transcribes audio files related to legal projects and transcribes them into text files. If you want to learn about legal transcription while making money and without paying any fee, this platform could be a great choice. However, be prepared for searching for legal terms and jargon while transcribing a file.

How much do they pay?

A regular transcriptionist at eScribers can earn around $5 per page of transcription. So, it depends on how many pages you can transcribe every day with accuracy. A transcriptionist working full time on eScribers can make up to $50 in a day while working no more than 6 hours.  You will be paid weekly via direct deposit.

How can I get started?

If you can listen to legal conversations and write them down correctly while doing little research to address confusion about spoken words, you are eligible to work on eScribers. To find out the complete list of personal and technical (PC, operating system, etc.) requirements, visit their website.

Best General Transcription Jobs

7. Accutran Global

Based in Canada, Accutran Global has been working since 2002 and providing transcription and other related writing services. If you are interested in converting all different types of audio files covering various topics to text files, you should get registered on Accutran Global.

Usually, you will find more projects on financial and medical work. 

How much do they pay?

Like many other transcription portals, they also pay $0.005 per word. If you have an earlier experience of converting audio files into transcripts, you can easily make $10 per hour. Accutran Global pays its transcriptionist every second week while clearing all the outstanding payments via PayPal.

How can I get started?

You need to have 60-70 WPM typing speed and good listening skills to apply for the job. Also, you have to demonstrate a good command of the English language. You need to fill out a form and take a transcription test before getting a position at Accurate Global. Keep visiting its website to find out about the job openings.

8. Transcription Express 

Transcription Express has been working for more than two decades in the transcription sector. The company prides itself in creating more job opportunities for women. Transcription Express encourages self-employed women to earn some extra money by working with it. It also offers transcription projects from all sectors. 

If you love to know more about different industries and professions, the job at Transcription Express will become interesting for you. 

How much do they pay?

The pay at Transcription Express is relatively low. However, this low pay comes with some perks. For instance, you can take almost 24 hours to complete a file. You can set your own work hours and can work at other gigs. If you are side-hustling at Transcription Express, you can make $5 per hour.

How can I get started?

You will need to fill out a form and give your details regarding education and any earlier transcription experience. After that, you have to pass a trial where you are supposed to convert a short audio clip into a text file. Visit its website to find out what transcriptionist job openings are available. They often offer specialized transcriptionist positions as well e.g. insurance transcriptionist.

9. Transcription for Everyone

Transcription for Everyone is a good option for people who are fresh and want to keep transcription as a side-hustle. The company boasts a friendly working code. You can set your schedule according to the available hours of your working day. Also, you often get to make transcriptions of interesting and informative audio clips, making this job fun. 

How much do they pay?

Transcription for Everyone doesn’t pay like many established transcription portals out there. However, you can easily make $15-20 after working for a couple of hours. The low pay rates offered by Transcription for Everyone make sense since it usually offers easy transcription projects.

How can I get started?

If you can write 50-60 words per minute, listen to English audio, and make sense of it while writing it down with correct spellings and grammar, you are eligible to apply at Transcription for Everyone.  You have to fill out a form with your professional and contact details. After confirmation, you will have to appear in a short transcription test. Upon its clearance, you can start searching for transcription gigs on its website.

Best Medical Transcription Jobs 

10. nThrive

If you have already worked in making transcriptions of audio files with medical and healthcare commentary and lectures, you can dwell on applying at nThrive. It is a healthcare solution provider that operates in various sectors. From patient access solutions to health care analytics and medical transcriptions, nThrive is offering all sorts of healthcare-related facilities.

How much do they pay?

Since producing medical transcriptions is a demanding job, you might earn around $15 per hour. You can turn it into a full-time job and earn north of $3000 per month while working from home. nThrive pays its transcriptionists every month via direct deposit and check.

How can I get started?

The qualification criteria at nThrive are tough. To begin with, you need to have three years of experience in making transcriptions centered on various areas of medicine. You also need to pass its test while maintaining 98% accuracy. Due to the nature of the job, you have to show your availability on weekends as well. To find out more about career opportunities at nThrive, visit its website.

11. Ubiqus

Ubiqus is another transcription platform where you can apply as a specialized medical transcriptionist. Like nThrive, this portal is not just about medical transcription projects. You can also find general and legal transcription gigs on Ubiqus. Even though Ubiqus asks for prior experience in making transcriptions, you can also get a position if its people are satisfied with your qualification and test performance. Ubiqus is currently offering one of the best per word rates for medical transcriptions. 

How much do they pay?

As a medical transcriptionist, you can make good hourly money while working on Ubiqus. The portal pays $0.00695 per word for medical transcriptions, while its standards transcription rates are set at $0.00588. The payments are swift, and you are paid fortnightly directly into your bank account.

How can I get started?

Usually, Ubiqus prefer candidates with 1-5 years of experience. But as mentioned earlier, you can secure a position there if you exhibit good aptitude in their test and your educational record. Besides transcribing, you can also apply for the role of translator and general writers as well. Go to the Ubiqus Employment page to find out more about the current openings.

12. M Modal

M Modal also operates in the healthcare domain and provides a host of related services. Medical transcription is one of them. If you want to work full-time as a specialized medical transcriptionist, you can apply at M Modal. Like many other transcription jobs, this one is not home-based. You need to go to the office.

People who prefer workplace settings for better organization and least distraction, M Modal is an option worth considering. 

How much do they pay?

Like other medical transcription jobs, the gig at M Modal also pays well. Depending on your shift timing and experience, you can make around $4,000 per month. However, you will have too much on your plate all the time. The payments are made monthly via direct deposit.

How can I get started?

You need to have prior experience of making medical transcriptions to become eligible for a position at M Modal. Also, good typing speed, ample knowledge of medical terms, and technology are a must for passing its test.

Best Legal Transcription Jobs

13. Net Transcripts

If you have a knack of listening to criminal cases and legal proceedings, you will love to make transcriptions while working at Net Transcripts. The company primarily offers its transcription services to district attorneys, police departments, public defenders, correctional facilities, and family protective services. So, you get to work on a list of legal recordings that you have to convert to text files.

How much do they pay?

In terms of paying its transcriptionist, Net Transcripts is doing better than many other transcription services. Even when you are new on the platform, you can make $15 per hour by making legal transcriptions. Seasoned legal transcriptionists can make around $20 per hour.

How can I get started? 

You need to fill out a form, attach your resume with it and have to send it to Net Transcripts. If its HR finds your education and transcription experience suitable for the job, they will call you back. You will have a short test and interview. After clearing them, you can start working on Net Transcripts as a legal transcriptionist.

14. Dictate Express 

Dictate Express is another place that you can try if you want to do legal transcriptions. It is a small company with a friendly environment and a flexible working model. Dictate only hire freelancers who have declared themselves as Independent Contractors (IC). You can also pursue your career at Dictate Express if you are interested in making medical or business transcriptions. 

How much do they pay?

Dictate Express has set at its pay rates differently than the rest of the industry. Instead of paying based on audio hours or per word, it is paying for every line. You can make three cents per line for any standard legal transcription project. Dictate Express is good with payment schedules. Your money will be credited to your account on time.

How can I get started?

You need to have a data secured computer system to work with Dictate Express. You also need to clear the test where you have to make a transcription while maintaining 98% accuracy. To find out more about what transcription positions are available at Dictate Express, visit its website.

15. Cambridge Transcriptions

Cambridge Transcriptions exclusively works in the legal domain. You can apply there to find a position to work on all sorts of legal transcriptions. From corporate to custodial, the company has enough legal projects from various niches. The great thing about Cambridge Transcriptions is that it offers both part-time, full-time, off-site, and on-site working opportunities.

How much do they pay?

You can make around $0.005 per word while working as an entry-level legal transcriptionist. These rates go up when you gain experience. A seasoned A+ legal and corporate transcriptionist can make up to $20 per hour while working at Cambridge Transcriptions. 

How can I get started?

Like any other legal transcription portal, you need to have prior experience of converting legal hearings into text files to get a position on Cambridge Transcriptions. Then, you also need to clear a test where your hands-on expertise on legal transcriptions is tested.

Final Thoughts on the Best Transcription Jobs

You just learned about 15 of the best transcription jobs you can do for extra cash. Now, I’d like to hear from you. 

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