11 Best Online Tutoring Jobs For Extra Cash in 2020

Find out everything there is to know about 11 of the best online tutoring jobs so you can earn a little extra cash in 2020.

Best online tutoring jobs

The global K-12 online tutoring market is projected to grow at an annual rate of 15% through 2023. And the COVID-19 pandemic highlighted the importance of online tutors.

Interested in getting in on this growing industry?

Well, in this article I’m going to show you the 11 best online tutoring jobs for some extra cash. In fact, these are the same jobs that are helping people earn thousands in extra income each month.

So whether you’re interested in tutoring part-time or full-time, you’ll find everything you need (and more) in this article.

Let’s get started!

Teach English Online (No Degree Required!)

1. Cambly

Student Level: K-12 & college


Tutoring Subject: English

Cambly is among the best online tutoring platforms because it connects English tutors with international students. As a tutor on Cambly, you will have one-on-one video chat sessions with both young and older eager learners via a smartphone or computer. Teaching gigs on Cambly are quite flexible as you can accept chat sessions whenever you want. Also, they hire new tutors quickly.

How much can I make?

Cambly pays tutors per minute and also tracks your video chats for you automatically. You will be paid via PayPal weekly. They pay at a fixed rate of $0.17/minute, and their average salary is $10.10/hour.

How to do I get started?

You don’t need any prior experience to get started at Cambly, but being a native English speaker is a definite plus. To start your career, just follow these steps:


  • Visit their website, enter your email address, and click Get Started
  • Complete a simple application
  • Record a sample introductory video for future students
  • Complete your profile

Online Teacher at Cambly

Babeesh is an experienced tutor with Cambly having completed over 1,500 conversations on the platform. As a solo and adventure traveler, she enjoys the flexibility of the platform. 


She shares her tutoring experience with Cambly on her blog, Beyond Babeesh. As someone who lives on a farm, Babeesh is able to sustain her frugal lifestyle with what she makes from tutoring on Cambly. Her most recent 20 hours of tutoring averaged $8.16 an hour

Tutor with Cambly

2. QKids

Student Level: K-12


Tutoring Subject: English

QKids is a brilliant online tutoring system that is a global partner of National Geographic Learning and the Tesol International Association. This interactive platform hires U.S. and Canadian university students to teach English as a Second Language (ESL) to young Chinese students. QKids has preset coursework and curriculum, and they pay for flexible, 30-minute tutoring sessions.

How much can I make?

QKids pays its tutors on the 15th of each month, and the base-rate for 30-minute lessons is $8, while standby lessons (10 minutes) are set at $4. They offer performance and attendance bonuses as well. With all of these combined, tutors can earn an average of $18 to $20/hour.

How to do I get started?

Qkids prefers that their tutors have an out-going personality and prior experience with teaching, but this isn’t a mandatory requirement. Here’s how you can tutor for Qkids:


  • Visit their website, click on Apply and then Sign Up
  • Provide your resume, screenshot of computer specs and introductory video
  • Pass initial screening and move onto the 2 demo interviews
  • Take trial classes and attend paid online practice sessions

Tutor with QKids

William Bermudez started tutoring with QKids as a college student with little to no experience in any field whatsoever. Even with no experience, he applied anyway “And that was the best decision I have made yet“, said William.


After a year working for QKids, William was making as much as $1,200 extra a month. This gave him the opportunity to buy gifts for the holidays and invest in stocks.

Tutor with QKids

3. Magic Ears

Student Level: K-12


Tutoring Subject: English

The business model of Magic Ears is quite similar to QKids. However, this company is among the higher paying companies that hire online tutors to teach Chinese children English as a second language. Since this company is in Beijing, the time difference will have tutors choose flexible timings between 5 pm to 9 pm or 5 am to 9 am.

How much can I make?

Average salaries stand at $18 to $26/hour.


As a Magic Ears tutor, you will start off at a Bronze stage base pay of $8 each session. Each session is 25 minutes, so you will make about $16 an hour starting. If you have a bachelor’s or higher education and 5 years of experience, you automatically start with a Gold stage $9 base pay ($18 per hour). After teaching 1,000 classes, your base pay will reach a platinum stage of $10 each session.


In addition to your base pay, Magic Ears also offers a peak time bonus and attendance bonus. 

How to do I get started?

To teach for Magic Ears, you will either need a Bachelor’s degree (in any discipline) or prior teaching experience. This teaching experience could also be from outside the classroom like mentoring children in Church. If you don’t have the required experience, Magic Ears also offers basic and advanced courses for online tutoring – with ESL certification too. Here’s how you can sign up:


  • Visit their website and submit your application with any relevant documents
  • Provide them with a mini demo which could include a fun children’s story
  • Attend a brief ‘Magic Training’ session
  • Take a trial class for 25 minutes
  • After your background check, you can sign a 6-month contract

Magic Ears

Emily lives abroad and teaches online full-time. She started with Magic Ears in order to make myself more secure financially. According to Emily, “Magic Ears is very flexible and they really listen to the teachers!”.


She also loves how Magic Ears has teacher-friendly policies. This allows Emily (a wife and mom to two children) the flexibility to cancel when someone in her family is sick. She said the only downside is that visible tattoos have to be covered up.

Tutor with Magic Ears

Best Online Tutoring Jobs For Teachers


Student Level: K-12


Tutoring Subject: English

VIPKID review

VIPKID has a similar business model as Magic Ears and QKids. This innovative company has over 700,000 students and has even received a massive investment from tech giant Tencent. Furthermore, this platform has over 100,000 tutors already – so it’s clearly trendy. It also got featured in BloombergBusiness InsiderFortune MagazineForbesThe Economist, and CNBC!

How much can I make?

VIPKID pays its tutors via direct deposit anywhere between the 10th and 15th of every month. Current tutors of this platform can earn an average of $18 to $20/hour. High-earning tutors are making $2,000 per month with VIPKID!

How to do I get started?

VIPKID doesn’t require its tutors to have a teaching or English degree. Still, they do have a prerequisite for any formal education. The general qualifications that will be necessary for your application include eligibility to work in the U.S. or Canada, a Bachelor’s degree, and any coaching, tutoring, or mentoring experience. To sign up, here’s what you need to do:


  • Visit their website, create an account and complete a form for your profile
  • Go through some materials and conduct a one-on-one demo lesson
  • Conduct a mock class with a current VIPKID tutor
  • Sign a 6-month minimum contract and begin teaching

VIPKIDS review

Liz is a wife, mom, and former school teacher. After her second child, she decided to stay home as opposed to paying for double childcare. VIPKID allows her to teach from home while her children were asleep.


On average, Liz makes $20-$22 per hour (or $10-$11 per class). Each class is 25-28 minutes long. Her best month, she made $2,000! Liz wishes she had known about VIPKID sooner. According to Liz, it really is a perfect fit for a spouse who needs to bring in extra money from home.

Tutor with VIPKID

5. Chegg Tutoring

Student Level: Middle school, high school, and college


Tutoring Subject: Engineering, Math, Science, Humanities, Test Preparation, and more

Chegg Tutors review

Formerly known as InstaEDU, Chegg is yet another popular platform for online tutors. Unlike its competitors, Chegg’s tutoring sessions can be conducted via text chat and many other helpful tools, as well as on video chat. It has a huge list of courses to choose from, and the subject you select will, naturally, be based on your educational experience.


No matter how challenging the course may be, past tutors and students have reported that Chegg’s teaching tools are user-friendly. So much so that Chegg Tutors have been featured in The Wall Street Journal.

How much can I make?

Chegg pay their tutors $20 per hour for time spent in a live lesson with a student, or time spent writing a student’s lesson explanation. You are paid based on the minutes you actually worked that week. 


According to Chegg, the top 5% of the highest-paid tutors earn $1,000+ each month.


The minimum length you lesson has to be is 5 minutes. So, even if you only spent 2 minutes in a live lesson, you will still be paid $1.66 for 5 minutes of your time ($20 per hour for 5 minutes).


Payment is made via PayPal. It’s automatically processed every Thursday morning, Pacific Standard Time (PST).

How to do I get started?

Chegg is another online teaching platform that doesn’t require any specific experience or degree to land a job. The only thing they need is proof of formal education, and you’re good to go. To sign up, follow these steps:


  • Visit their website, click on ‘Become a Tutor’ and then Sign Up
  • Fill up your application form with proof of current enrollment or a university degree
  • Provide 2 types of verification
  • Take a demo subject test based on the subject you choose
  • Fill out an expert engagement letter along with your banking details.

Chegg Tutoring

Amal Radhakrishan came across Chegg Tutors in his first year at college. Some of his classmates started using the service to teach students online and were making a lot of money.


Amal was paid the average pay rate of $20 per hour. However, Amal said that during peak months, Chegg would sometimes raise his amount to $30 per hour. In his first 6 months, he earned $3,177 after a total tutoring time of 150 hours (about $21/hr). Amal said Chegg Tutor is a great opportunity for students to make extra money while studying.

Tutor with Chegg Tutors

6. Education First

Student Level: All ages


Tutoring Subject: English

Education First has 50 years of experience in providing education to global citizens. It provides the best online tutoring jobs for cultural exchange, language coaching for a wide variety of students in Russia, Indonesia, and China. Their ESL job openings via a platform called English First will have you tutor children and adults who wish to learn English as a second language.

How much can I make?

E.F. offers a base pay of $6.60 per 25-minute class. If you are willing to teach during peak hours, you will receive an additional $2.80 in base pay. Peak hours are 6:00 am – 8:30 am (Monday – Friday) and 9:00 pm – 10:30 pm (Saturday – Sunday) East Coast time.


Peak times may seem old, but they are based on Beijing time, which is a 12-hour difference from the east coast in the U.S.


Education First tutors haven’t disclosed much about payment methods. Still, the tutors who work with children have reported earning between $13 and $16/hour.

Michelle earns over $1,500 a month teaching with E.F. She explains how you can do it in this video:


How to do I get started?

Education First has pretty standard requirements for anyone aspiring to become an ESL tutor. These include having the authorization to work in the U.K. or the U.S., having a certification to teach English internationally (TEFL), and completing a Bachelor’s degree. To apply, applicants will need to:


  • Visit their website, click on Apply Now and sign up
  • Pass their interview process
  • Receive training via a pre-teaching introduction

EF Tutor review

Michelle has had the pleasure of working with children in many different settings (classroom tutor, foster care, and child care). But she says that teaching children online has been one of the greatest experiences of all thus far.


Having access to more bookings is what Michelle likes the most about E.F. In her first two months, Michelle taught over 120 classes. She enjoys teaching with E.F. and is encouraging anyone interested to apply, you won’t regret it.

Tutor with Education First


Student Level: K-12


Tutoring Subject: English


HAWO American Academy is owned by parent company China Online Education Group (COE). COE was founded in 2011 and has managed to help Chinese K-12 students speak English ever since. This company launched 2 brands with the same goal but different approaches – 51talk for one-on-one classes and HAWO for group classes. Over the years, HAWO has also managed to grab the attention of the likes of CNBC.

How much can I make?

Since you will be teaching the same group of students regularly, this platform offers a much more stable earning. Each 45-minute class can help you make an average of $20/hour.

How to do I get started?

HAWO’s job requirements include being a native English speaker with a neutral accent and having completed or in college enrolled in an education major. They also prefer that their tutors have teaching certificates and licenses. Here’s what you need to do to apply:


  • Visit their website and fill out the application 
  • Pass their online interview and teaching demo
  • Go through an orientation and training session
  • Sign their service agreement and pick your teaching slots

HAWO review

Shaundra Schlapia lives in Texas and teaches students in various elementary and middle school grades in one-on-one lessons with HAWO American Academy. She said teaching with HAWO has been such a rewarding experience, both as a teacher and person.


The most rewarding part of teaching with HAWO for Shaundra is that she can have fun with her students. When Shaundra taught in brick and mortar school, having fun was missing most of the time. With HAWO she can be her true, fun-loving self. “We sing, laugh, talk, and learn. We have fun!” says Shaundra.

Tutor with HAWO

Best Online Tutoring Jobs For College Students

8. Preply

Student Level: Middle school, high school, college


Tutoring Subject: Language training

Preply review

Preply is another leading platform for online language tutoring – but not just for English. This is why Preply is always on the lookout for new tutors even though it already has 12,000 highly qualified tutors. You don’t even have to be a certified private tutor to join their ranks. You just need to be a native speaker of the language you choose to teach, and you can start earning.

How much can I make?

Once you become an online tutor at Preply, the platform will secure a percentage of your commission for every new student. Even though this is the case, tutors have reported earning $200/month. However, this earning depends on how popular you are among your students.

How to do I get started?

Since you don’t need to meet any tutoring requirements, here’s how you can apply:

  • Visit their website, apply online
  • Pass their grammar and comprehension test
  • Clear an interview with H.R.

Andreina Ramos describes herself as a Bohemian, a traveler, and a relentless nerd. She loves working with Preply. Andreina enjoys how she can set up her own cancellation policy. So, if a student cancels with too short of a notice, Preply will credit her for the time.


She says that the commission Preply takes is super fair. In two weeks, Andreina went from Preply taking a 33% commission to a 25% commission as a part-time tutor! “I love being a tutor on Preply,” Andreina said, grateful for the opportunity and has plans to work it to the fullest!

Tutor with Preply

9. Varsity Tutors

Student Level: Middle school, high school, college, higher education


Tutoring Subject: Engineering, Math, Science, Humanities, Test Preparation, and more

Varsity tutors logo

Varsity Tutors is an interactive learning platform that received its funding from Learn Capital, TCV, and The Chan Zuckerberg Initiative. With their massive investment portfolio, they aim to introduce cutting edge tools to make the learning of any subject easy with experts in every field. Currently, it has 18,000 tutors that range across a massive list of disciplines.

How much can I make?

Varsity Tutors pay at an average range between $15 to $23/hour. According to Glassdoor reviews, you can increase your salary by teaching more demanded subjects or becoming a test preparation tutor.

How to do I get started?

Varsity Tutors’ application process takes about 3 minutes to complete, and the only thing you need to apply is to be enrolled in a Bachelor’s degree. Their application process includes:


  • Visiting their website and filling a questionnaire for your educational background
  • Pass a virtual one-way interview recording answers related to your experience

Ashley Gibson is a tutor for Varsity Tutors as well as VIPKid. Because of online tutoring flexibility, working for two different companies works out really well for Ashley.  She can teach her VIPKID classes in the morning or evenings on Friday and Saturday. 


Then during the day and some early evenings, Ashley can schedule tutoring sessions through Varsity Tutors. Ashley mainly teaches with Varsity when she is not usually teaching for VIPKID. Ashley says Varsity Tutors is great for someone who doesn’t have a Bachelor’s degree but years of teaching experience. 

Tutor with Varsity Tutors

10. TutorMe

Student Level: All ages


Tutoring Subject: Engineering, Math, Science, Humanities, Test Preparation and more

TutorMe logo

If you are a graduate student looking for some extra cash, then you should seriously consider TutorMe. 

TutorMe is a highly accredited online tutoring platform with highly qualified tutors. Many of their tutors come from some of the best universities in the world. TutorMe’s tutors are from top-ranking universities like Berkeley, MIT, Princeton, and Yale. TutorMe’s acceptance rate is less than 4%. This means that their tutors are thoroughly screened and provide one of the best one-on-one tutoring sessions on the internet. So, if you are going to apply, be prepared to bring your “A” game.

How much can I make?

TutorMe pays out at a flat rate of $16/hour via PayPal for whatever flexible schedule you choose to teach. The minimum applicable lesson length is 5 minutes, and hence the $16/rate is applied accordingly.

How to do I get started?

To apply at TutorMe, you must have prior tutoring or teaching experience along with a mastery over the subjects you intend to teach. They also require applicants to be enrolled in or to have graduated from an accredited university. Here’s how you can sign up:


  • Visit their website and register
  • If they shortlist your application, you will receive an interview 1 – 2 weeks
  • Submit proof of your qualifications

TutorMe only hires the best.  They believe there are more teachers in the world than are actually teaching. And empowering more people to learn from each other is their mission.


Abbey is a college student and works as a tutor for TutorMe. She goes to Georgetown University and majors in Human Science. Abbey’s tutoring experience includes being a peer tutor throughout college and high school, focusing on Human Science and Physical Therapy. If you have similar tutoring or teaching experience then you too can work for TutorMe.

Tutor with TutorMe

Best Online Tutoring Jobs For Teens & High School Students

11. Tutorcare

Student Level: K-12, middle school and high school


Tutoring Subject: English, business, humanities, test preparation and more

Tutorcare logo

Tutorcare is great for teens and high school students because they allow tutors from all age groups.


Tutorcare is an excellent online tutoring and in-person tutoring platform that helps connect tutors to those in need. The platform helps students with a wide variety of tasks, including completing school applications and homework. They have a huge database of eager learners. Tutorcare also gives back, allocating 1% of their online transactions towards donations for Veterans Support Organization.

How much can I make?

Tutorcare is one of the best online tutoring jobs for teenagers and high school students because it pays an average salary of $18 to $19/hour. Furthermore, there is a lot of room for progression based on the variety of subjects you teach.

How to do I get started?

Tutorcare prefers their online tutors to have some teaching experience even though it is not a strict requirement. To sign up, you need to:


  • Visit their website, click on Become a Tutor and create an account
  • Fill out the registration form agreeing to their terms of service
  • Check your email for a welcome message and sign the membership contract

Tutorcare review

Anh Doan is the Founder and CEO of Tutorcare. From the beginning, Anh and her team has worked to make Tutorcare the perfect job: flexible hours, the ability to set your own pay rate, and no tedious desk work.  


Tutorcare is one of the only online tutoring platforms that is perfect that allows teens to be tutors. It’s perfect for high school or college students looking for a flexible way to make money while taking a full course load.

Tutor with Tutorcare

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is the best online tutoring jobs or company to work for?

VIPKID is, by far, the best online tutoring company to work for. VIPKID has been featured in Business Insider, Forbes, and The Economist. Also, Glassdoor recognized VIPKID as the 9th best place to work in the United States and 3rd in Canada.

Which online tutoring company pays the most?

Magic Ears paid the highest average wage of all the online tutoring companies we researched. Their average salaries were between $18 to $26/hour. However, other platforms may pay out high rates to experienced and top-rated tutors. The highest-paid tutors in the U.S. are mostly on Varsity Tutors or Chegg.

Is online tutoring jobs legit?

Yes, they are. The global online tutoring market has boomed like never before since the COVID-19 crisis shut down schools. Some researches even signify that the online tutoring market will grow to a whopping $7.37 billion by 2023 at an annual growth rate of approximately 8%.

Final Thoughts

Check out any one of the online tutoring companies that interest you and get started.


Each company mentioned have received high ratings from both tutors and clients, so I’m sure you’ll enjoy any of the companies on this list.


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