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The Financial Sailor exist to provide a simple way of learning to build income streams and save for the future so you can live a life of financial freedom. We are dedicated to sharing actionable articles and strategies that empower you to achieve your financial goals. Whether you’re aspiring to improve your finances or an accomplished investor, we’re here to provide you the tools needed to build a better financial future.  

About The Financial Sailor

Our Founder

Meet the Man Who Started It All

Welcome everyone, I’m glad you are here. My name is Brad Sturgis. I’m an active duty Navy officer, a real estate investor, a dorky dad that tells really bad jokes, and now a personal finance educator. 


There’s a reason why you are here. It’s time to take a real look at where you are in your life right now. Do you find yourself wondering how you’ll make enough money to achieve your financial goals? Are you dreaming of saving for the future but can’t imagine how you’ll find the money to do so?


Don’t be discouraged if you’re unsure of how you’ll achieve these goals. I’ve been in your shoes. But then I figured something out. And in just 2 years my wife and I eliminated over $100,000 in debt while raising two kids and while building passive income with rental properties. I learned that getting out of debt and building wealth isn’t as complicated as people make out to be.

Through discipline, hard work, and smart investment decisions, my wife and I overcame the financial stumbling blocks that holdback many average families. This site will highlight the tips, strategies, and resources we used to better manage our money, get out of debt, and build passive income.

How The Financial Sailor Began

When You Learn, Teach...

The Financial Sailor was initially created to teach my junior Sailors how to manage their finances better. I was concerned how my Sailors were spending their money. I started holding weekly discussions about personal finance called Financial Sailor to help them make better financial decisions.

I was excited and humbled by how many of my Sailors were taking steps to improve their finances. The more I taught them, the more I learned myself. We grew together. 

Today, The Financial Sailor has expanded beyond weekly talks about money to include assisting folks at all stages of their financial journey to make progress toward new levels of success.